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posifp879Posté 30/03/2021 09:49

The amazon shipping truck delivery is another main xiongda international logistics services, the amazon sea card as a kind of effective mode of transportation of the amazon sellers logistics cost, as more and more sellers want to know about the sea amazon card service, need America amazon card services you can choose sea male international logistics transport.
1. Us amazon highcard service:
Main finger to transport by sea way, cheng cheng by truck or Courier to the amazon warehouse in the United States, the process package the warehousing, shipping, import export customs declaration and the United States customs declaration and pay duties, delivery to door service, operation process is: warehousing goods collection, making documents, booking, loading, export customs declaration, inspection declaration) - sea - the us import customs clearance - (remove cargo) - amazon warehouse booking, arrange a truck to send to amazon warehouse.
2. Time limit of amazon highcard:
Generally, it takes about 30 days to arrive in western America, and about 35 days to arrive in the central and eastern United States. The specific time limit depends on whether it is a fast ship or a slow ship, as well as the sampling time of customs.These should be taken into account.
3. Us amazon highcard quotation:
Since there are many shipping links and the composition of amazon in the United States is complicated, you need to bring a firm inquiry for specific costs.Generally, customers need to provide: port of departure, port of arrival information, commodity name, commodity picture, commodity customs code, aging requirements and other information.Amazon Freight quotation